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OLD Lady Dodge and Raven

Left: Raven with her service dog, Right: Old Lady Dodge

UnStruggling Podcast | Simple Steps for Mental Wellness. Who’s Hosting?

Thanks for checking in. We’re Raven and OLD Lady Dodge and we’ll be sharing stories of support, mental wellness tips…and some of our own personal struggles with anxiety, mania, depression, homelessness, permanent disability and multiple hospitalizations. Our hope is to help others struggling on their mental health journey. We are your hosts not co-hosts. Each of us brings a unique style to our own individual episodes.

What is UnStruggling Podcasts Why?

It’s simple really. Combined we have many years of lived experience with mental health struggles. We’re not doctors or mental health professionals, but our lived experience does count for something and we believe everyday people will take away something they can use from our UnStruggling Podcast episodes.

Let’s UnStruggle Together on UnStruggling Podcast

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Mental Health Balance on UnStruggling Podcast

There’s so much to be done here on the UnStruggling Podcast website but life balance is important. We’ll get there. Take care of your mental health and balancing life. Thanks again for checking in.