UnStruggling Podcast Episodes 2022

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OLD Lady Dodge and Raven

Let’s UnStruggle Together

Episode 40 Summary

Old Lady Dodge shares some potential personal goals you can set in 2023, and ways you can make them a reality https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/2023-what-do-you-see

Episode 39 Summary

Raven talks about the importance of showing up for the people in our lives who are struggling emotionally.


Episode 38 Summary

Old Lady Dodge provides several options for staying healthy and disciplined while enjoying the holiday treats and feasts this time of year. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/holiday-ho-hos

Episode 37 Summary

Raven continues on the topic of personal boundaries, and talks physical and material boundaries this week. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/setting-personal-boundaries-part2

Episode 36 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about the common struggle to ignore phone notifications, and frustrations with socializing when people won’t ignore their phones. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/made-you-look

Episode 35 Summary

Raven dives into different ways to set emotional, spiritual, and time boundaries. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/setting-boundaries-part1-zysxwuad

Episode 34 Summary

Old Lady Dodge shares tips for dealing with holiday guilt and steps for giving during the holiday season. She also talks about experiencing guilt throughout the year regarding spending time with family. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/holiday-guilt

Episode 33 Summary

Raven explains what personal boundaries are, why it’s important to communicate personal boundaries to other people, and ways to be more respectful of boundaries in general. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/setting-boundaries

Episode 32 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks with therapist, Tessa Simon, about seasonal depression and tips for coping with holiday-related stress and anxiety. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/seasonal-depression-holiday-stress

Episode 31 Summary

Old Lady Dodge encourages us to stop trying to impress others , and not let a lack of self-esteem hold us back from finding our talents. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/special-gifts

Episode 30 Summary

Raven shares why it’s important to develop skills for healthy conflict, especially when unhealthy conflict was modeled during childhood. She also talks about several steps she takes to maintain a healthy approach to handling conflict. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/healthy-conflict

Episode 29 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about how certain co-workers can negatively affect our mental health, and she shares some strategies for dealing with dreaded co-workers. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/dreaded-coworker

Episode 28 Summary

Raven talks about finding positive meaning and building traditions when you have negative associations with the holiday season, and she shares some of her own traditions and simple things she appreciates this time of year. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/holiday-stress

Episode 27 Summary

Old Lady Dodge walks us through several ways to deal with bullies and to protect our mental health in the face of bullying. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/bullying

Episode 26 Summary

Raven talks about physical and mental grounding techniques to help redirect your thoughts from distressing and anxious feelings, and she shares some of her go-to grounding techniques. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/grounding-techniques

Episode 25 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about unhealthy coping techniques, and replacing them with healthy coping skills. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/denial-and-crutches

Episode 24 Summary

Raven walks you through several ways to confront and work with your inner demons. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/inner-demons

Episode 23 Summary

Old Lady Dodge goes over several common coping strategies and grounding techniques to keep in your mental wellness toolbox, to reach for when you’re struggling with difficult emotions. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/mental-wellness-toolbox

Episode 22 Summary

Raven shares what it means to be resilient and several building blocks for emotional resilience. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/resilience

Episode 21 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about what it means to be a good friend, our expectations from friends when we’re struggling with difficult emotions, and how to talk to a friend about their difficult emotions. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/good-friend

Episode 20 Summary

Raven talks you through what it means to be kind and understanding toward yourself, and ways to show up as a friend for you. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/be-kind-to-yourself

Episode 19 Summary

Raven talks about making choices based on fear, the importance of confronting your fears and taking healthy risks, and how to move forward making positive change in your life in spite of fear. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/frozen-in-fear

Episode 18 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about setting and respecting boundaries with personal space, potential effects of having your personal space intruded, and some strategies for working through anxiety and stress from feeling crowded. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/personal-space

Episode 17 Summary

Raven talks about what self-acceptance is, and she shares some of the ways she learned how to accept herself after experiencing verbal and emotional abuse. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/self-acceptance

Episode 16 Summary

Old Lady Dodge shares her views on the importance of faith and belief in a higher power. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/mental-health-boosters

Episode 15 Summary

Raven talks about comparison and self-improvement, and how to move forward when you’ve let yourself down. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/goals-and-disappointment

Episode 14 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about how toughness, hope, and forgiveness are important in helping us confront, work through, and solve our problems. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/is-love-enough

Episode 13 Summary

Raven dives into what emotional validation and invalidation look like in practice. She shares the basics on how to validate a person’s emotions, and even explains how to be validating when you can’t relate to, or don’t agree with someone. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/emotional-validation

Episode 11 and 12 Summaries

Raven talks about what vulnerability is, how it benefits us, and common misconceptions and concerns about being vulnerable.


Old Lady Dodge talks about retail therapy, the emotional benefits and pitfalls of online shopping vs in-store shopping, and controlling your spending while simultaneously seeking the emotional reward of shopping.


Episode 10 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about how excess weight can affect mental wellness, her personal struggle with weight, and some approaches to weight loss. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/weight-and-mental-health

Episode 9 Summary

Raven talks about how we often judge our negative emotions, and ways to embrace our negative feelings rather than push them aside. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/feeling-badly

Raven UnStruggling Podcast Host. Headshot smiling. Square image with word emotion and feelings. Episode #9 title Feeling Badly for Feeling Badly.

Episode 8 Summary

Old Lady Dodge and Raven share opposing views and experiences surrounding toxic positivity as a response to negative emotions. Being the optimist, Old Lady Dodge believes positivity is always an expression of kindness. And with a history of emotional abuse, Raven’s view is positivity can be dismissive and shaming. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/toxic-positivity

Episode 7 Summary

Raven discusses the negative feelings people can experience when they’re aware of issues plaguing different communities, and she dives into how to turn negative emotions into positive actions. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/aware-and-overwhelmed

Episode 6 Summary

Old Lady Dodge talks about reasons why people give up hope, and steps you can take to increase hope. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/theres-hope

Old Lady Dodge hanging on to the end of a rope. UnStruggling Podcast episode #6. Hang On. There's Hope.

Episode 5 Summary

Raven goes solo and talks about three ways to create time and space to be yourself, why it’s essential, and what that looks like in her life. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/too-busy

Image of person holding a clock, coffee, briefcase, pen, computer and stack of paper. Also whipping sweat from its forehead. Text reads UnStruggling Podcast Raven leads...Too Busy to be you.

Episode 4 Summary

Old Lady Dodge explains what rumination is, and she and Raven provide some strategies to address and move past regrets and ruminating thoughts. They also share personal regrets and experiences with rumination. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/regrets-and-rumination

Old Lady Dodge leads Regrets and Rumination UnStruggling Podcast episode 4. Headshot wearing a graduation cap and a smirk and text reads, the smart thing to do is ask for help.

Episode 3 Summary

Raven leads the discussion about what it means to claim ownership of, and have accountability regarding your mental wellness. She shares four essential strategies for improving and protecting mental health. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/accountability

Stick man holding up hands and checking off Ownership, Responsibility, and Your Mental Wellness. Raven, lead host of UnStruggling Podcasts episode 3.

Episode 2 Summary

Old Lady Dodge leads the discussion on disturbed sleep, and her personal struggles with getting restful sleep. She also shares tips for winding down before bedtime. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/not-sleeping

Old Lady Dodge with a sleeping with a pillow wrapped around her head. Small circle frame inserted with distressed, not sleeping face. Episode Not Sleeping? What are you doing about it?

Episode 1 Summary

Raven leads a discussion about what led her to finding more joy in small moments, despite being a pessimist. She also shares personal and general benefits of practicing gratitude and appreciating simplicity in life. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/simplicity

Raven, UnStruggling Podcast host enjoying a cup of tea on the couch before recording Cherishing the Small Moments, Simplicity and Gratitude.

Trailer Episode Summary

Raven and Old Lady Dodge explain why they started the UnStruggling Podcast, and give listeners a look into who they are by describing themselves in five words. They also share what’s to come on the first two full-length episodes. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/lets-start-unstruggling-and-who-are-we

UnStruggling Podcast hosts Old Lady Dodge and Raven relaxing before recording. Sitting on the floor with Raven's service dog Tango.

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