UnStruggling Podcast Episodes 2023

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OLD Lady Dodge and Raven

Let’s UnStruggle Together

OLD? Who You Calling OLD?

Old Lady Dodge shares some tips on dealing with the growing pains of growing old, considering physical health and mental wellness.


UnStruggling Podcast Raven’s Favorites




Which Family Member that Rocks the Boat?

Unstruggling is back with Old Lady Dodge talking about working through your own feelings regarding family members who are struggling with mental illness. She gives some pointers on noticing signs of an emotional or mental episode, and things to avoid when you’re aiming to be supportive. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/struggling-family-member

Down and Dirty

Raven talks about what a disagreement is, common misconceptions about disagreement, and some strategies for getting comfortable with confrontation. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/healthy-disagreement

Old Lady Dodge focuses on the positive impact that playing in dirt has on mental wellness, and she talks various ways to start playing in soil, cautions surrounding soil and health, and tips for beginning gardeners. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/down-and-dirty

Got it Under Control

Old Lady Dodge talks about people who feel the need to be in control, and how this can overlap with anxiety.


Raven’s on-going series on making peace. A series well worth listening too!

https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/making-mistakes. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/apologizing https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/asking-for-help https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/imperfection

A Friend Who Turned Their Back

Old Lady Dodge discusses reasons why a friend may have turned their back on you, signs this may have happened, and ways to deal with it.


Making Peace Series with Raven



Can You Spare Five Minutes?

Old Lady Dodge talks about the importance of taking time for self-care and relaxation when you’re especially busy, and she shares some tips on 5-minute relaxation techniques. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/spare-five-minutes

Don’t Say It!

Old Lady Dodge talks about the common struggle of holding in your uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, and she shares some ways to overcome it. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/dont-say-it

Personal Boundaries Part 5 – Your Deal Breakers

Raven completes her series on personal boundaries by talking deal-breakers, what they can look like for different relationships, and common issues with setting non-negotiable boundaries. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/dealbreakers-ys7ht3ox

Scents and Smells Your Nose Knows

Old Lady Dodge has some fun talking about the relationship between scent, smell, memory, and mood. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/scents-and-smells

Personal Boundaries Part 4 …Your Energy, Your Job

Raven talks healthy boundaries in the workplace, and communicating your limits with coworkers. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/personal-boundaries-part4

Sick of Being Sick

Old Lady Dodge talks about ways physical illness can impact mental health, and she shares some tips for relieving upper respiratory symptoms and anxiety about being sick. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/sick-of-being-sick

Personal Boundaries Part. 3 Your Pleasure, Your Desire

Raven resumes her series on personal boundaries, diving into what constitutes sexual boundaries, and setting healthy boundaries with sex partners. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/personal-boundaries-part3

Who Comforts You?

Old Lady Dodge discusses how pets and therapy animals can benefit mental health. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/who-comforts-you

Small Talk and Deeper Conversations

On Unstruggling Podcast Raven talks about the role of small talk in building relationships, and the art of turning small talk into meaningful conversations. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/small-talk-iwh9akwf

Why Don’t People Like Me?

On UnStruggling Podcast Old Lady Dodge dives into common conversational habits that make us less inclined to engage with some people. She also shares tips for being a more inviting and attentive participant in conversations. https://unstruggling.simplecast.com/episodes/why-dont-people-like-me